Precise Charging

The NAVAC NRS2i01 series bluetooth wireless electronic refrigerant scale is designed and reinforced with advanced technology, providing more precise and portable refrigerant charging technology.

Through the bluetooth connection between handheld device and eletronic charging scale, you can take other works during the charging process.

While real-time refrigerant charge is transmitted to the handheld device, it will buzz when the charge is within 2 oz of the setting, and it will automatically stop charging once the preset charge level is reached.

The magnesium alloy weighing pan and ergonomic, one-piece, portable design makes it lighter and easier to carry.

Leading Technology, Excellent Quality, Best Experience.

Model NRS2i01
Range lbs 220
Resolution oz 0.2 oz
Accuracy % 0.05%
Power 4 x AA, 4 x AAA
Dimension in 8.25″ x 10.2″
Weight lbs 3.3
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