SolderWeld is a leading HVAC alloy manufacturer with a specialized focus on coil repair

SolderWeld Products

Alloy Braze Rod
hvac all in one
Multi Sol Liquid Flux
Multi Sol Flux
Sil Sol Premium 15%
Alloy Sol & Flux
HVAC- Aluminum Coil Repair Tech Bag
Sil Phos 5%
Multi Sol Rods
Sil Sol Premium 56%
SolderWeld is the leading manufacturing company in the U.S. for Aluminum Coil Repair and training.  They specialize in educating HVAC-R companies across the US and Canada in how to properly fix Aluminum Coils and prepare these companies for the future of HVAC-R.  All manufacturers of Coils are moving steadily and quickly into using Aluminum as their main metal for all coils etc, and your company can and will be ahead of the curve and prepared for this before everyone else with SolderWelds training and products.
SolderWeld also leads the industry in dissimiliar metal bonding, such as aluminum to copper and copper to brass etc.  We are fortunate to represent such a cutting edge company that has the HVAC-R techs interest in mind, first and foremost.
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