The Benefits of Online Reviews and Testimonials for Blue Collar Contractors – Using Video Testimonials

Using Video Testimonials

Using Video Testimonials: 10 Tips for Blue Collar Contractors

1. Get the customer’s permission. Ask your customers if they are comfortable with you recording their testimonial.

2. Make sure the customer understands the purpose of the video. Explain how you plan to use the video and how it will help your business.

3. Keep it short. Aim for a video length of one to two minutes.

4. Focus on one key message. Ask the customer to share a specific story or experience about how your service has helped them.

5. Pay attention to the audio quality. Make sure that the audio is clear and that you can understand what the customer is saying.

6. Make sure the customer is comfortable and at ease. Make sure that they are in a quiet, well-lit area and that they feel comfortable speaking on camera.

7. Use B-roll footage to add interest to the video. Show actions or visuals related to what the customer is saying in order to create a more engaging video.

8. Use professional editing and graphics to make it look polished and professional. This will help your business look more professional and trustworthy to potential customers.

9. Share it prominently on your website or social media accounts. Make sure that potential customers can easily find your video when they visit your website or social media accounts.

10. Encourage customers to leave a review after watching your video testimonial. Let them know how much you appreciate their feedback and that it helps other customers make decisions about whether to choose your services or not.

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